The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) on Wednesday adopted a binding decision prohibiting tech giant Meta from using users’ personal data for targeted advertising. No more Facebook cookies.

The authority said in a statement that the decision “prohibits the processing of personal data for the purpose of behavioral advertising” throughout the European Economic Area.

The decision comes after Meta announced on Monday that European Facebook and Instagram users will be able to subscribe to an ad-free version of the platforms starting in November.

According to a representative for the giant, Meta has already announced that it will give people in the EU and EEA the option to choose and submit a subscription form starting November to meet regulatory requirements. According to the company, EDPB members have been aware of the company’s plan for weeks and have fully cooperated with them.

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The EDPB made this decision at the request of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, as the latter banned Facebook and Instagram from displaying targeted ads to its users based on their personal data in June.

The decision requires the Irish Data Protection Regulatory Authority, which has jurisdiction over Meta’s European operations, to take final action on the matter within two weeks, with the ban taking effect one week later. According to the binding decision, heavy fines await large companies if they do not comply with their obligations.

Last May, Meta was fined a record €1.2 billion by the European Union after the social platform violated EU data protection rules and continued to transfer European citizens’ personal data to the United States following an earlier EU court ruling.

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