Chrome Canary for developers has already put a tool at Google that can make web search more efficient.

The development that seemed most beneficial was Chrome story In a beta version of the browser for Android users, Chrome Canary. According to them, the company is trying to use a widget that will allow us to perform search easier and faster than it is now.

According to them, if someone install Chrome Canary on their andoridos device, enable Quick Action Search Widget via chrome://flags, then restart browser, new widget will appear on mobile screen. It’s important to note that Chorme Canary is an upgraded version of the browser, so it doesn’t work as stably as the original version.

Unfortunately, the development itself isn’t working yet, but it looks like the boxes below the search bar will serve a similar purpose to what Google is already experimenting with in its Chrome mobile browser. These include various categories of user interest (eg recipes, news) that you can click on to get information faster.

It is not yet known when development could be ported to Chrome, but at first glance, Google’s idea wouldn’t be a bad solution.

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