A number of new features have been added to Google Maps that will also effectively help us reduce our daily CO2 emissions.

We’ve been able to choose bike route planning for a long time on Google Maps, but cyclist navigation isn’t included in the program yet. The new feature that has just been announced is simply called Lightweight Nav and is due to be made available to users in the coming months.

The solution works as we are used to when navigating by car: it shows the exact route, the place we need to turn, as well as the expected time of arrival. It also has level changes along the way, so no one will be surprised if you have to go up a hill.

To use the simple navigation, you don’t even have to tap on it to start the step-by-step navigation, you can actually keep track of everything in the route planning interface. Moreover, you don’t need to open the app to get the most important data, the app will also display the information continuously in the notification bar.

A novelty has also appeared in the field of automobile transportation: the application already shows American users the route that is not necessarily the shortest, but takes you to the destination by burning the least amount of fuel. Google estimates that if users chose these paths, they could release approximately one million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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The last car feature will be available to Google users in Europe in 2022, while bike navigation will be available in the coming months.

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