Microsoft announced that soon everything will open in our browser of choice in Windows. This is a big step from the company, which until now has always somehow found a way to push users of its operating system into its own browser by finding anti-competitive loopholes.

On Windows, it was possible for some time to replace the default Edge browser in the Machine Room, so most things opened automatically in our favorite browser — however, this setting doesn’t cover everything.

Even if we set Google Chrome as our default browser, in some cases Windows still opens things in Edge, for example, if we click on something in the system settings.

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That’s gone, however, and Microsoft themselves mentioned in a blog post: In the latest preview build of Windows 11 (Build 23531), everything – including certain system elements – opens in the default browser, and writes digital trends.

Microsoft didn’t become generous of their own free will, because the change would only take effect in European Economic Area (EEA) countries, and everything else would remain the same – they decided to make the change under pressure from regulators.

However, the change is certainly welcome, since it would be more convenient if all links opened in the browser we always use – although it is not yet known exactly when the new feature will reach stable versions of Windows. However, everyone will likely get it with the update in a few months.

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