The pit will likely continue to grow, so the occupants have been evacuated. Loose soils may be behind this phenomenon.

When the Sanchez family in Mexico learned of a massive explosion over the weekend, they thought it was just a storm. But when they left the house, they noticed a large hole in the ground, filled with water, not far from them.

The ABC According to his report, the phenomenon is a stream, and its size is constantly increasing: its width was “only” 30 meters on the weekend, but by Monday it was already 60 meters wide, and by Tuesday it was 80 meters larger. . Its depth is 20 meters, according to experts.

Because of the growing pit, the family has already been evacuated. Meanwhile, scientists are trying to uncover the causes of the sinkhole. One possible hypothesis is that there is some geological defect in the soil.

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The ABC In accordance with the increase in the basin, large pieces of earth constantly break through the edge of the pit.

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