Android apps have already been removed from the Play Store by Google, but they may still be present on more devices. It was distributed as part of a separate campaign to reach as many people as possible.

Due to the openness of the Android ecosystem, it is not harmful at all, as it allows applications that should not be included in the system. The Avast In recent days, he identified such programs that were distributed by a fictional campaign around the world.

The campaign ran as UltimaSMS, and mainly included apps that enroll the user for paid (monthly) services – but often in a way that one doesn’t even know. In this case, the money is debited from the account via paid SMS.

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According to Avast, the malicious code associated with the campaign was included in the most popular apps category, a total of 151 halves. These included photo editor and QR code reader. This was necessary so that nothing in the user aroused suspicion.

According to Internet researchers, the problematic applications have been downloaded millions of times, which means that they are still present on many devices to this day. Google now anyway everyone It has been removed from the Play Store.

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