An international research team has created carbon nitride at high temperature and high pressure, which may replace diamond in many fields in the future.

Diamonds are one of the hardest naturally occurring materials on Earth. the Advanced materials According to a study published in the scientific journal, an international research group consisting of American, European, and Russian researchers tested a strong material that is extremely hard and hard like diamond and could be used to strengthen spaceships or even cars in the future. .

Scientists have been able to produce semiconductor organic carbon nitride, which is harder than boron nitride arranged in a special shape. The latter is an inorganic crystalline substance that can be ranked just behind diamond in terms of hardness.

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The current discovery is also important because researchers had already predicted in the 1980s that this carbon nitride material could exist, but had not been able to manufacture it until now, he writes. BGR. That is why the scientists' result is considered a huge breakthrough in the field of materials science.

The researchers created the material in the same way diamonds form in nature: under extremely high pressure and high temperature.

Although it is unlikely to be made into jewelry, it can be used as an alternative in other fields, such as mining or drill bits. For this reason, these parts can become cheaper.

The researchers believe that the current result is only the first, and that they may soon discover additional extremely tough materials.

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