Asus has released a new software update for its seven Wi-Fi routers. The patch also corrects a flaw that could be used by remote attackers to access and control devices. There is already an update, but it must be installed.

A serious error was reported by Sleeping computer. The vulnerability registered under the code CVE-2024-3080 that affects Asus wifi routers is considered very serious, as it received a score of 9.8 on the CVSS v3.1 scale out of 10, that is, it is classified as critical.

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According to Asus, the following models are affected:

According to their experience, all of the above routers can be found in Hungarian stores. By clicking on the name of each type, you will immediately go to the local support page for the specific Wi-Fi network, where you can download the latest firmware. However, it is easier to find the update option on the devices' web interface Click here to find help in HungarianEven in video form

The icing on the cake is that the bug with a slightly lower severity rating of 7.2 (CVE-2024-3079) can also be fixed with an update. If possible, check as often as possible to see if there are updates available for your Wi-Fi network.

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