According to Google, the method the company has already integrated into Chrome could be used to target ads more securely from third-party cookies.

Google has made its new ad tracking system, Topics API, available with version 115 of Chrome. According to the company, the new solution allows advertisers to find users with targeted ads in a safer way than before.

Google claims that the new feature maintains the focus on data protection by replacing third-party cookies. In other words, the solution continues to monitor user data and transmit it to advertisers, but it does so in a more secure way compared to the previous solution. However, if you still do not want to share information about your browsing habits with third parties, you can easily disable the API.

That’s why A Settings – Privacy and Security – Advertising Privacy Menu items must be found. If you want a faster solution, click here.

In this part of setup, you can choose from three different options:

  • Advertising topics
  • Recommended ads for the site
  • Ad measurement.

the Advertising topics It works based on your browsing history, the second option shows ads based on your website activity, while the third option lets advertisers see how ads are performing. By default, only the first of the three is turned off, and Google leaves the second two on. By clicking on it, you can set the data that Google can use to show ads.

Most importantly, for this reason, there are still websites that monitor user activity, many of which still rely on cookies.

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