The so-called identification key can actually be made the default key when logging in to Google services, so a fingerprint or PIN can be enough to enter. Many annoying passwords will soon become a thing of the past.

Remembering passwords all the time can sometimes be difficult, especially since we have so many different passwords for so many services at our disposal – and ideally, our online security is greatly reduced with password reuse.

According to signs, Google will also do away with these, and in the future will prefer to steer users in the direction of identification keys (passkeys). The ID key allows for a faster but equally secure login, and if the selected device has some sort of biometric identification system (fingerprint or face scanner), it can work with it. In this way, it is enough, for example, to touch the scanner with our finger, and the device will let us in.

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Today, it is possible to do this not only on phones, but also on most computers.

Going forward, Google will also require users to create this ID key for their accounts. The company will offer this at your next login, so you don’t have to dig through multiple settings to figure out where you can create it.

In the settings, it is also possible to specify that we would like to log in using identification keys by default in the future.

The new function can be set manually by entering the upper right corner of the page, then opening the “Google Account Management” option, if it is in the security menu on the left, under “How to sign in to Google”, click on the “Key” option Definition.” The system will then guide you through the setup process.

Set up an ID key in your Google account.


However, our password does not turn into camphor, we can use it in the future and, according to Google, it will stay with us for a while. Therefore, the new entry method is a more convenient and faster alternative at the present time.

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