According to a press report, Netflix is ​​already considering how to monetize the gamer's business. In-app purchases and ads may also come.

Recently, Netflix has begun to pay increasing attention to a less well-known service: in addition to streaming movies and series, games are also playing an increasingly important role on the platform, for example, they are already working on a series of new games in their game studio.

The games are part of your Netflix subscription, and there won't be any additional costs — at least for now. the The Wall Street Journal According to his information, the streaming service provider is already thinking about how to monetize the games.

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The method for this will not differ significantly from what players are used to with larger titles: in addition to in-app purchases, larger games will have to pay for it, but users of the ad-supported Netflix package will also encounter ads in the games.

There is no specific decision on this issue yet, but sooner or later Netflix will definitely monetize the service in some way. the The Wall Street Journal According to him, negotiations in this direction have been going on for months, so there is a good chance that it is only a matter of time before the Netflix player service changes to a greater or lesser extent.

As we reported, several well-known GTA titles have recently been added to the service provider's offering.

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