The Tesla Model 3 has undergone an unusual modification by the owner of the channel called WhistlinDiesel. The good question is what kind of more extreme and surreal transformation can be devised next.

YouTube is full of demonstrations of experiments aimed at radically transforming structures – we can think of, for example, the 110-centimetre, 45-kilogram laptop or a Game Boy console rebuilt from LEGO blocks.

In addition to the idea of ​​a YouTube channel called WhistlinDiesel, the two examples above are quite literal: A Tesla Model 3 electric car was converted to have 3m diameter wheels – which were bolted to the car from the car’s engine – details Interesting geometry.

Of course, Cody Detwiler, the channel’s owner, didn’t just convert a Tesla to see what it looked like — he drove it, too, and the sight is totally surreal:

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Based on what we’ve seen, you’d think there’s no place to ramp up the madness, but then comes the best part: Detwiler turns the car — which doesn’t touch the ground anyway because of the big wheels — and then drives it a little. Upside down.

After a few minutes of fun, the YouTuber gets the Tesla back on its feet again, and at the end of the video, driverless, it also rolls down a hill, where it travels for a long time before collapsing.

After seeing the last pictures, the only question is how they explained what happened to the insurance company.

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