We’re just scratching our heads, what AI can do. Google, for example, has taken it to making games. With what result? You can try this yourself.

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t get some news about the special capabilities and possibilities of artificial intelligence. Of course, Google also jumped on this wave and – among other things – artificial intelligence brought interesting things to the gaming world.

Google has one Arts and culture It is a non-profit initiative that brings together creative content from artists and cultural institutions and makes it more accessible online. Now you can experience the art of AI with several new games.


To play games developed by the Google Arts & Culture department, do the following. Check it out this Website or download and play “Arts and Culture” androidrespectively iOS to request. Go to the navigation bar and tap He plays button or tap on the gamepad icon. Select a game by clicking on its icon. In most games, it is a Play a game (Play Game) included, although some have it Start experimenting The (start experiment) button is visible. Click on any to start the game. In some cases, you need to use your smartphone camera.

The truth is, not all games have anything to do with AI, but we can still try it out, he writes slush gear. the Imagine a haiku It’s not even a game in the strict sense, because the user has only to enjoy short poetic poems from Japan, which artificial intelligence paints using typography, music and videos. Some elements of the poem move when you click on them. You can choose from traditional or modern haiku poems.

the Strange one out It is also a fun guessing game but actually challenging. Works created by artificial intelligence must be selected from among the many true masterpieces on Google Arts & Culture. There is a time limit and a total of four attempts before the game ends.


the Change the dough Made for those who love geography and history. In this game, famous landmarks around the world are covered in dough, thanks to Google’s generative AI. You can guess the monument in a maximum of seven attempts. Finally here it is XYZ game.


This is a word guessing game in which the printing of letters generated by artificial intelligence hides the key to the word to be guessed. Game over after five failed attempts.

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