NASA’s other robotic rover, Curiosity, has been operating on Mars for 9 years. His most recent work is a stunning panoramic image.

Another panoramic photo has delighted scientists and humanity with the Curiosity Mars walker, which has been operating on the surface of the Red Planet for nine years now, he wrote. Engadget. The photo was taken inside Gale Crater and it’s already full by clicking here can be seen.

Although the recording was compiled by Curiosity, a space center called the Jet Propulsion Laboratory also had a huge task in the works. The researchers also shared that on a clear winter day, when there is no dust in the air, up to 32 kilometers can be saved to Mars.

The panorama also includes a longer video that follows Curiosity’s trail, including the side of Mount Sharp. According to NASA, the robotic car ran into trouble on this part when it hit a large expanse of sand. From here he was able to go forward by detour, this route is also visible in the video:

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Japan is preparing for an important mission, as it will bring a sample of one of the moons of Mars to Earth

MTI / hvg.huTechnique

NASA will deliver the stones collected from the Red Planet in 2031, but JAXA plans to do so sooner.

Because of the unusually soft soil, the first sampling of perseverance on Mars failed

MTI / hvg.huTechnique

The rover is now heading to a new location, but getting there will take time.