From 2026, Air Nostrum will also include airships that will emit significantly fewer pollutants.

A total of one hundred passengers will be able to carry aircraft called Airlander, which are manufactured by British Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV). A Spanish company, Air Nostrum, has already ordered ten of these eco-friendly blimps, and Interesting geometry.

From 2026, the company will introduce special airships, which the manufacturer says have a range of 300-400 km. So they are not suitable for flying around the world with them, but in the short term they are very useful structures. And just because such a ship emits 90% less carbon dioxide than an airplane. For this reason, of course, Airlanders move much slower: the maximum speed is about 128 kilometers per hour, which is much lower than the average compared to conventional passenger aircraft.

They are almost. They travel at a speed of 804 km / h.

HAV said the deal with the Spanish company was preceded by a rigorous six-month prototyping and investigation process. The planes are set to operate within the country anyway, but it is not yet known exactly which routes will be affected. (According to the company, Airlanders will one day be able to operate on other short-haul routes. The Oslo-Stockholm flight was cited as an example.)

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The main advantage of the Airlander is that landing is much easier than a conventional plane. Therefore, it can also land near city centers so that passengers can spend less time in traffic or on public transportation.

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