Western Digital shut down several of its services following a “network security incident” and continues to investigate the nature and severity of the issue.

In a statement released Monday, Western Digital announced to the media that it was the victim of a “network security incident” last week, during which hackers gained access to data in their systems. According to the company’s statement, unauthorized people managed to break into a number of different systems on March 26, though they didn’t go into specifics: What can be inferred from the announcement, however, is that a ransomware attack may be behind it, he writes. company Techcrunch.

Western Digital confirmed: Based on investigations to date, they believe an unauthorized party obtained certain data from their systems, but details are still being verified.

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The severity of the problem is well illustrated by the fact that, according to the Company, the attack has caused – and is currently causing – disruption to the Company’s business activities. In addition, among other things, a network NAS service called My Cloud has been discontinued. At the time of this writing, only the “503 Service Unavailable Temporarily Unavailable” message notifies users that something is wrong. This is also an issue because it allows users to remotely access the data on their NAS storage.

Western Digital added that it has taken proactive steps to secure business operations and is already working to restore services and infrastructure.

The statement concluded by saying that a cybersecurity company was also involved in the investigation, but had also contacted the authorities.

Recently, Acer was also the victim of an attack, but Ferrari’s systems were also accessed by the attackers.