Tim Cook, who led Apple for ten years, will never again spend much time leading the company, which he himself talked about earlier. As per the news, he throws another big and leaves.

Ten years is a long time, and Tim Cook, who leads the success-rich Apple, knows it all too well. In a previous interview with him, he also expressed that he would definitely not spend another contract with the company, given that he is over 60 years old. However, he did not reveal exactly how long it would take to hand over the CEO position.

a Bloomberg On the other hand, its writer Mark Gorman received new information, according to which Cook’s future is already in order: he is said to want to keep his position until a new product category is announced and then leave. This will likely be the company’s first AR or VR device. (The first can be linked to augmented reality, and the second to virtual reality).

It’s been a while until we hear that Apple wants to set foot in these two areas, but it hasn’t yet come up with a tool to rely on either. However, based on rumors that usually appear in the news, there is a lot of interest in both VR and AR, and new devices are being developed with the power of steam in the background. But only chefs know when it will become commercially available. According to some information, helmets / goggles (because they are basically such products) may be introduced around 2022, and Apple has a very serious goal for them: they think that these will be the latest products after the iPhones that will boost the company’s sales..

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