Mario, Nintendo’s mascot, is one of the most popular video game characters that almost everyone has met. He became the protagonist of many games, and users were happy to create game paths for him. Now artificial intelligence has also entered the process.

To date, Mario the Plumber has appeared in at least 200 games, and some of these games (such as Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2) also allow players to create their own levels for Mario. So the scope is huge, though not infinite, at least it wasn’t until artificial intelligence (AI) came on the scene.

MarioGPT (GPT here also stands for Transformer Generative Pre-trainer) can in principle generate an infinite number of paths using artificial intelligence, some text prompts and projected player paths, he explains Slush gear. The AI ​​is trained on the levels of the two classic Mario games, namely Super Mario Bros and the Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. During training, the AI ​​was introduced to the available tools, enemies and general gameplay, and from then on it could generate real levels. About the making and functionality of MarioGPT You can read all the details here.

While the currently best known AI, ChatGPT, can already be used by anyone who can write, MarioGPT is a little more complex than that. exe file does not contain Everything is nicely packaged, and you can only check a few boxes or type in a few words and watch the game level unfold. At least basic game development knowledge is required to manage the program. The creators summed up the on github Some simple instructions for generating and previewing levels.

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Level generation, SlashGear writes, is random, so the same router can generate different levels each time the code runs. Other prompts can be played to create other types of levels. Not every track generated will be flawless, but the program can be run again, and the next attempt will likely result in a workable level.


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