Because of patent infringement, Samsung straws in Russia are very bad. After the initial ruling, the Court of Appeal also ruled against the South Korean company.

Samsung has banned the import and distribution of 61 smartphone models in Russia by the Moscow Arbitration Court – it was reported RIA Novosti Quoted from the Russian state news agency Reuters. The lawsuit was initiated by SQWIN, with the company alleging that South Korean giant Samsung Pay is infringing the Swiss company’s patent registered in Russia with its mobile payment solution.

The case was first decided on July 27, until then against Samsung. On appeal, SQWIN asked the court to name the species in another ruling – this was done by the appeals court now upholding the ruling.

Samsung Byte In 2015, even with the Galaxy S6, it was introduced by the mobile phone manufacturer. Since then, this system has become very popular in many markets, with Russia ranked third most widely in mobile payment solutions after Russia with 32 percent of Google Pay and 30 percent of Apple Pay.

Any NFC-enabled mobile phone with Samsung Pay support may be affected by the 61-item ban,

From the entry-level Samsung Galaxy J5, launched in the summer of 2015, to the latest Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Fold3 and Galaxy Flip3 models.

a TASZSZ The Russian news agency reported some other key models from the list:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip,
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold,
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2,
  • Samsung Galaxy S21,
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 +,
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 +,
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra,
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e,
  • Samsung Galaxy S10,
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 +,
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite,
  • Samsung Galaxy S9,
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+,
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.
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Therefore, in practice, most of the older and newer mid-range and high-end models are on the blacklist whose current distribution is viable.

Neither party wanted to comment on the merits of the case, with Samsung arguing that it is an appellant, so the verdict is not yet final. According to reports from the Russian news agency, a final ruling is expected within a month.

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