In an open video, he presents Xiaomi’s latest savior, the smartphone where the selfie camera has gone really unremarkable.

A few days ago, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Mix 4 smartphone, specifically the Mix 4 phone, now leaving the word Mi in western markets. In the weekend following the announcement, the device had already posted a video of opening the case for Wepura, which shows the shape of the phone and the accessories that come with it. (The video is sparrow news Courtesy of YouTube.)

A special feature of the device is the independent camera hidden under the front panel, thanks to which the aspect ratio is almost 100 percent. The screen size is 6.67 inches and the independent camera hidden behind it is 20 megapixels. Under the hood is a Snapdragon 888+ chipset with 8 or 12 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of internal storage. The 120W fast charger charges the 4,500mAh battery in just 15 minutes, while the 50W wireless charger takes 28 minutes for itself (in boost mode). The Mix 4 has a triple rear camera system (108MP + 8MP + 13MP).

The domestic (Chinese) success of the phone is characterized by the fact that only a few minutes after the start of pre-order, all available devices were sold out.

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