A type of snail fish lives at an altitude of more than 8,300 meters in the southern part of Japan.

A snail species was photographed in the Izu-Bonin ditch (Pseudoliparis belyaevi) 8336 meters. According to the researchers, there aren’t many fish that can survive deeper than that, so there’s a good chance you’ve finally seen the world’s deepest living fish – he writes. BBC.

A similar discovery was made by researchers in the Mariana Trench a few years ago, when a Mariana snail fish was found at an altitude of 8178 meters, and until now that fish was the record holder, but the current discovery exceeds the one in the Mariana Trench by 158 meters.

Deep sea researchers from the University of Western Australia (UWA) came to the conclusion about ten years ago that fish must live between 8,200 and 8,400 metres, and that has also been backed up in recent decades by evidence. The current discovery is thanks to the collaboration of marine biologist Alan Jamieson, the Minderoo-UWA Deep Sea Research Center he founded, and the University of Tokyo.

There are at least 300 species of snails that can survive even in the most extreme conditions. There are snails that have adapted to river and shallow waters, but there are also snails that live in the cold waters of the Arctic Circle. Deep-sea snails that live at a depth of 8 km must withstand pressure of more than 80 MPa, 800 times more than the pressure at the ocean surface.

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