The late legendary leader Steve Jobs would have been 67 years old if he were still alive today. His work is of great importance in the field of technology, so it inspired the Turkish photographer, whose whimsical project showcases the current faces of celebrities who died untimely.

We actually introduced it weeks ago The exciting project of Turkish photographer Alber Yesiltas: with the help of artificial intelligence, it shows – of course, only the fictional faces – of famous personalities whom fate did not give a long life.

The As if it didn’t happen (As if nothing had happened) The project has already included such celebrities as Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, John Lennon and even Princess Diana, and, of course, one of the defining figures of modern technology, Steve Jobs, cannot be ruled out either. The former leader of Apple was 67 years old today, but he died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 56.

In the image created by Yesiltas (and artificial intelligence), Jobs wears the familiar black T-shirt and looks older, of course, but healthier and paler than he is in our memory.

It is impossible to say where Apple would have gone if Steve Jobs had remained at the head of the company, and what would have changed in the company’s strategy. However, it is indisputable that his successor, Tim Cook, is steering the ship with confident hands.

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