Tech-Science index - Reindeer breeders protest against the wind farm

Tech-Science index – Reindeer breeders protest against the wind farm

In Norway, the indigenous Sami wind community fights in court against a planned wind farm. Øyfjellet is one of the largest onshore renewable energy projects that will help Norway become independent from the fossil fuels that make the country rich.

A Norwegian court had already given the green light for the wind farm in September 2020, but the High Commissioner appealed. Livestock farmers say the construction is blocking the migration route of reindeer.

It is not the Sami who have contributed the most to climate change, yet we bear the brunt. This is not climate justice, it is climate injustice

Said Gunn Brett Ritter, Chairman of the Sami Council.

With Sami Shepherd animals

Photo: Barry Lewis / Getty Images Hungary

Tony Christian Teller, Foreign Minister at the Norwegian Ministry of Energy and the company that builds the wind farm, expressed his hope that the reindeer and wind farms can live together. However, practical experience has shown that reindeer avoid wind turbines from afar.

This is a paradox. We are grinding between the effects of climate change and the effects of green energy

– mundta Gunn-Britt Retter.

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