Air New Zealand will weigh all passengers on any international flight in Auckland until 2 July. The company claims that the data will be confidential.

Passengers looking to board an international flight from Auckland, New Zealand may be in for a surprise. Air New Zealand will now ask each person to step on a scale to see how much they weigh. the Interesting geometry He writes: at the moment it is only a data collection procedure, and it will continue until July 2. The airline refers to it as a survey.

The company measures practically everything carried on board: cargo, meals served on board, baggage, said Alistair James, an expert on the airline, so it pretends that it also wants to be aware of the mass of passengers. From the data measured now, they will attempt to calculate the average for the future.

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The result will be particularly significant on Air New Zealand’s longest route, the distance between Auckland and New York. All this is understandable, since it does not matter how much weight the plane flies with, because this affects the amount of fuel used.

According to James, the scale will not show anyone’s weight at the moment of weighing, and the data will be entered directly into the central system, in an anonymous form.

The airline will also measure packages, according to the company, whose data will not be made public either.

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