In addition to massive music offerings, Spotify is also gaining ground in the podcast world. Thanks to a new algorithm, it will offer personalized chatbots to anyone.

As with music, podcasts (i.e. talk shows) do not have the same user tastes. And just as Spotify can figure out our music preferences, you’ll become more and more skilled in this area for podcasts as well. And that only matters because the show expanded by 1.5 million podcasts in the last year alone, to 2.9 million, making selection quite a challenge.

A new feature that helps you find a podcast that suits the user. To determine this, the new Look for a device called One (This can be tried in English) After this link).

After answering some relevant questions, the user will actually receive offers that also relate to his musical tastes. If the user does not like the list of podcasts generated by the algorithm, they can find something to their liking by selecting the “Show more” option. (The service is currently only available in a few markets, namely the US, UK, Australia and Germany.)

This may be surprising at first, but Spotify says that data shared by users and collected by its algorithms has already shown that music and podcast tastes are often correlated with one another. While pop fans, for example, enjoy listening to talk shows, BTS or Queen fans mostly vote for podcasts about their band.

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