Netflix is ​​working with SpaceX on a five-part documentary series about the company’s first mission to bring civilians into space. The last section shows the period between start and return.

If all goes according to plan, SpaceX’s next mission, Inspiration4, could launch on September 14, bringing civilians into space for the first time. The historical voyage has also been meticulously documented.

Netflix announced Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space He creates a five-part documentary series that provides “unprecedented insight” into the journey. The first two parts will be on September 6, where we will learn about the characters of the journey.

The second episodes arrive on September 13th, where we can see the months-long preparation. The launch will be available to watch on Netflix’s YouTube channel, and the final episode will air at the end of September, a few days back, showcasing the entire journey until return. That is, the last part consists from the moment of the start until the landing, so we will be able to see what is happening almost in real time.

The series is directed by Jason Heherr Michael Jordan – Until the last tournament Directed by the creator of the documentary series entitled, Writes Entrepreneur.

Four people will participate in the trip. Jared Isaacman, 38, funded the entire project, Hayley Arsenault, the 29-year-old medical assistant who beat bone cancer, Chris Sembrowski, a 41-year-old former US Air Force officer, and Sian Proctor, 51 general. -The old teacher.

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The team will spend three days in space after launch and then return to Earth.

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