Netflix has blocked non-subscribers from accessing accounts in some markets and some users. However, this phenomenon is only of an experimental nature and is not generally expected to be introduced yet, said the service provider’s CEO.

The company said that Netflix has introduced restrictions on sharing tests in some markets on a strictly test basis, but this phenomenon has not yet become commonplace. BGR According to an investor meeting, first man in service, Reed Hastings.

The essence of sharing an account with Netflix is ​​that it allows users without a subscription to access the content of the platform. However, the company is not looking at it with good eyes, as a test that began in March confirmed: In some markets, users have been warned against sharing their passwords with others because they had no option to do so under contract.

Those who still share their profile with their relatives, for example, were not allowed in by the service provider: an error message appeared on the other side of the screen, asking the owner of the device to register, for which one has a free period – a month.

However, according to the current CEO’s statement, no further sanctions are expected: Hastings stated that the company is not introducing a mechanism that the public does not feel is effective and meaningful. Therefore, widespread restrictions are not expected at this time.

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