It has long been known that not only series and movies, but also games are available on Netflix. However, the streaming service will go further and want these games to be playable on any device that has the app. This is how mobile games can be easily transformed into entertainment on the big screen

Back in October, Netflix’s vice president of overseas games announced that they were serious about their cloud-based gaming services. While they’re in no rush to do so (they want to avoid a Google Stadia-like fiasco), the details are becoming more and more specific.

The Netflix Cloud Gaming service will funnel all games into a single library, and the games will be available on all Netflix devices, not just mobile phones. Additionally, users will not have to download these games to access them through the app, but can stream them right away.

Currently, Netflix mobile games are visible in the app, but you have to download them from the App Store or Google Play to actually play them. However, if these games could be played directly from the Netflix app, many more people would probably try it than now.

We shouldn’t expect a cloud-based gaming service to be implemented tomorrow, if only because – he notes the edge Because in order for Netflix to offer a strong cloud-based gaming service, Apple will also need to change its significant limitations on cloud-based gaming apps. Regardless, the vice president of Netflix recently told members of the press that they’re committed to making games playable wherever Netflix is ​​available.

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On the game front, meanwhile, there’s more concrete news: 40 games are slated for release this year, and another 70 are in development. Netflix has also confirmed that it will release an exclusive game featuring Super Evil Megacorp.

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