Japanese researchers discovered that individuals of a certain type of mushroom can communicate with each other. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like at that time, and their “conversation” is not self-serving at all.

According to Japanese researchers, the outer fungi of the roots grow a huge network of roots, and this network allows them to communicate with their peers. Although these fungal networks have been known to exist before, studying them has been difficult and often limited to laboratory tests. Now, however, scientists have conducted a field study and obtained evidence of the fungus’ communication process, according to BGR the Fungal Ecology For detailed research in the journal.

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Fungi communicate with each other for a variety of reasons. They warn of approaching dangerous insects or diseases, and improve the growth of groups of mushrooms, allowing them to grow according to a specific plan that helps them obtain the most nutrients.

To study connectivity, the group attached electrodes to six mushrooms in a group. Then they measured the electrical signals passing between the mushrooms and found that they fluctuated. They discovered that the signals were strongest after it rained, that is, the fungi communicate more intensely after it rains. The signals were also stronger among mushrooms that were closer to each other.

Understanding fungi and their communication is very important because these organisms play an important role in the ecosystems that govern many forests and wooded areas.

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