Apple has already announced its latest mobile operating system, iOS 15, which will put users in the choice between heading into the unknown or actually staying on the right track. Was Apple going to change its tactics?

In the fall, Apple’s new mobile operating system may become widely available, which – as before Also inform us أيض – It will provide a choice: at the discretion of the user, he can choose to press the refresh button (to start a new adventure), or rather to stay safe on iOS 14 (which Apple has updated quite often).

Presumably many will turn to the new, which also comes with a bunch of new features that everyone can get for free. However, not everyone is so enterprising, and there will be few who will stay with iOS 14, especially if they have an older device (iOS 15, surprisingly, It will also run on many older phones), especially because a completely new OS can put a heavy load on older hardware. Plus, they have nothing to lose if they stay with iOS 14: they can still get security updates, buy content and apps, and pay for services like iCloud.

Of course – notes ZDNet professional journalist Nobody thinks Apple is doing this out of absolute selflessness. On the other hand, it is in the best interest of users to switch to another iPhone (but there is a risk of They are migrating to the Android ecosystem), on the other hand, the old device owner can also spend a lot on apps and Apple services downloaded from the Apple Store, in other words, they should be greatly appreciated (too).

Apple is now doing something with iOS very similar to creating a long-term support release, which is a big change for a company that previously enforced aggressive upgrade cycles for users. This allows Apple to create its own Windows XP, a platform that older hardware can run well while staying relevant and even making a profit for Apple.

And for how long? It’s not known yet, it could take three years, or four years, or five years, and it could actually last as long as Apple is able to make a profit from it.

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