We have collected in one article the most interesting and most read science and technology topics of the week.

Telekom says: Better turn off your phone now

It’s time to finally turn off the screen and rediscover the world, Telekom says in a statement in which the company has urged its customers in a somewhat unusual way to seek not just experiences digitally after a long online shutdown, but to relive in-person encounters.

Install Now: Microsoft has released an emergency update for Windows

Microsoft has completed the fix, which corrects the zero-day vulnerability.

They found living relatives of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci has 14 living relatives, according to extensive research that has followed the family tree of the world-renowned painter and architect for 21 generations, 690 years.

Scientists have discovered how there could be more rain in Europe

Global warming is expected to lead to more and more droughts, but researchers say afforestation could help remedy the problem.

This has never happened before: Israel has sent drones to Hamas

The swarm acts as a single network communication unit. They shoot and explode if necessary.

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