While Netflix says it’s early days for a subscription plan that’s filled with ads, it could be much further back than that. Regardless, there are still many questions about whether this subscription is really worth it.

Netflix is ​​still negotiating with major studios and content providers after it wants to place ads in movies and series. More and more details about Netflix’s plans in this regard are being leaked, and if it turns out to be true, users will be able to seriously consider whether it is really worth it. Would a slightly smaller amount be able to make up for the flaws?

Netflix isn’t in much of a problem yet, but it’s been known to lose many subscribers. This also includes the issue of illegal account sharing, which the service provider has already begun to act on. Of course, this will not reset the subscriber number, which is why he decided to choose a cheaper package, but viewers have to put up with ads.

However, – quotes a slash gear The Bloomberg Information – Those who opt for the subscription package in question will not only have to swallow this frog, this will certainly raise the degree of acceptance of the cheaper package. While such a subscription can certainly mean savings, it is not yet known whether the streaming quality of this level will be 480p or HD, which could be one of the determining factors for the success of the new subscription.

Another potential issue is that the new subscription may not offer the entire Netflix catalog, as the shows and movies included will also depend on whether Netflix can strike favorable deals with its partners. Of course, the provider’s original content will likely be all available, however it is in the company’s best interest to withhold some exciting titles to encourage a switch to a more expensive (ad-free) subscription.

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The only thing that happens to Netflix is ​​the length of the ads. According to the current report, the service provider plans to display only four minutes of ads for every hour of broadcasting, which is much shorter than most ad-supported streaming services. According to reports, ads will appear before the video starts and every hour after that, but there will be no ads after the video ends. It is not yet known if the ads will be skippable.

We previously mentioned that there will be exceptions for programs filled with ads: thus, there will be no commercials in children’s shows and in new original films, although the latter will only be valid for a short time after the content premieres.

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