You can also ask the new monitoring app what is visible in a particular photo. The app calls on artificial intelligence for all of this.

Google announced a small but useful innovation: a new AI-based help option, which is In the Lookout app.

This app can recognize details about objects, images, and text in a person’s environment and uses the camera and sensors of your Android device to recognize objects and text and tell you what it has found.

The app has now been added with a new functionality, which uses artificial intelligence developed by DeepMind to generate captions for images that contain no captions or alt text.

In the Google example, the AI ​​describes a dog running on a sandy beach, and also states that it sees a ball in its mouth or what is in the background of the image. However, it doesn’t end here: the user can then – by typing or dictating – ask questions about the image. For example, whether there are many people on the beach or whether the animal looks playful. The app will answer these questions as if we were talking to someone.

Right now, Google is testing the new feature with visually impaired people, but it will soon be made available on a larger scale, he writes. Engadget.

However, that’s not the only accessibility option advertised: Google Maps makes wheelchair-friendly labels available for everyone, allowing us to calculate whether a particular place is wheelchair-accessible (or a stroller, if applicable), even while planning. .

At last week’s I / O conference, Google announced several interesting new products, for example, with one of them you can use artificial intelligence to paraphrase writing using Magic Compose commands, but they also pulled back the veil from the image validator.

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