From now on, you can protect your activity with a Google account with a password, so you can keep your information safe.

Google has introduced an extra layer of protection for those who don’t want anyone to look where they’ve surfed the web in the past. All this is additional password protection, so in the future you cannot view or modify the record unless you have the necessary code.

To activate this additional safety circuit, My activities on Google We have to visit the page and then file Manage control over your activities We need to click on the link.

You might see a popup telling you that if you have protection turned on, your search history, YouTube activity, or Google Assistant commands, among other things, might be more secure. Otherwise, anyone who has access to the device that we signed into with our Google account can access this information.

If we choose to run it, we need to demonstrate that we really want to take advantage of this opportunity.

We can then see a lock where we used to see our history.

To access it again, you will need to click on the “Verify” button and enter your Google account password.

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