From the community space, in a few years, it will become a life-breathing world inhabited by the users themselves – this is how Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg described what the future holds for the site.

In a few years, the company said, the image of a simple social site will disappear and Facebook will evolve into a world where users can literally enter. the edgeIn an interview with Mark Zuckerberg on the issue of what he plans to do with the service in the coming period.

According to Zuckerberg, people today communicate in a boring way: they look at the screen of a cell phone or computer to send a message or video chat. But we’re not programmed for that, said the founder. He added that he believes that all people want to interact and stay in direct contact with one another, but this is not always possible.

So Facebook will evolve to a meta-version within the next five years that users can connect to using virtual reality tools.

And then we’ll tell you now what Facebook will look like in 15 years

Mark Zuckerberg’s latest offering hints at a future we recently read as a utopia in Ready Player One. Virtual handshake, sitting in our house for a lesson, new world, new life? What we can’t even imagine now may come true soon.

He said that virtual reality devices also provide a serious opportunity for the user to set up an office in the online space, for example. But this is because it is not tied to physical boundaries, the space can be of any size and no matter how many people are suitable for it. Not to mention that everyone arranges the space for themselves the way they want.

“In the future, instead of just talking on one phone, you can sit on my sofa as a hologram or sit on your sofa as a hologram. But we will both feel like we are in one place, even when we are hundreds of miles away.”

The founder said, noting the many possibilities of virtual reality tools.

Facebook has long been experimenting with virtual reality, allowing access to a variety of content in a digital space. This technology has so far been mainly present in the video game environment, but many (including Mark Zuckerberg’s world) want to use it for general purposes.

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