The most important decision to date was made on Wednesday by Facebook’s independent review panel. Accordingly, the former US president cannot return to the social platforms of the Facebook empire.

Citing the mood on the Washington Capitol over seven fatalities in January Facebook blocked Donald Trump from Facebook. Called back to life by the company, however An independent audit committee Its members checked whether the time had come for the American businessman’s release.

Decision announced at 3 p.m. Hungarian time: The organization has decided that Trump cannot return to the community site at this time.

However, the organization said it was not a good step to expel the former US president indefinitely from Facebook, so the community is asking him to review this decision within the next six months. As a result, the organization expects a proportionate and aligned decision that can be applied to other users of the platform.

Incidentally, Facebook asked its review panel to investigate shortly after it suspended its user account in January. In any case, one day before the current decision He launched his community page.

Incidentally, Facebook’s Independent Audit Committee confirmed in its current decision that Donald Trump’s January 6 input contributed to the violent siege of the Capitol building, and that his words legitimized this.

Facebook wasn’t the only one to take action against Donald Trump in January. Twitter banned the former president from his platform forever, But he excluded him from his account twitch And the YouTube.

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