Streaming service provider Spotify is saying goodbye to six percent of its staff as part of a company-wide restructuring. This continues the wave of layoffs in the technology sector.

It’s not the safest job to work for the world’s biggest tech companies: One after another, companies announce their biggest layoffs, last November’s Meta, which runs Facebook and many other services. He announced layoffs of 11,000 peoplewhile a few days ago there was information that Soon Microsoft may send workers of the same sizethat Downsizing 12,000 people at Google Followed on Friday.

Spotify has now joined the queue, with a massive downsizing of 6 percent of its staff — or, as they say, “restructuring.” All this was announced by CEO Daniel Ek in his letter to employees.

the Engadget According to his report, the exact number of those affected is not known, but according to the company’s latest financial report, it has approximately 9,800 employees. With the downsizing, Don Ostrov, chief content officer, is also leaving the company.

Like Google CEO Daniel Ek, he takes responsibility for the actions that led to the downsizing.

Those who leave will receive a 5-month bonus and other benefits during the notice period. Most of the company’s employees work in the United States, followed by Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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