It may not be known to many that a PIN code can also be associated with a Netflix account, which increases the protection of subscriber(s) data.

Probably everyone is already familiar with the fact that, due to the protection of photos and personal data stored on the phone, biometric identification should be used (but at least it is recommended). This could be, for example, a face scan or a fingerprint. Others provide some kind of code to make the account of the service provided more secure. Well, you can do that with Netflix too – and it’s definitely worth it.

Such as cnet He noted that the service provider decided in 2020 to introduce the possibility of using a PIN code as part of parental controls. However, due to the prevalence of cyberattacks and abuse in the past period, parents are not only advised to use this easy-to-set-up function.

To associate a PIN with your subscription, do the following:

  1. Open the browser and go to stairs to the side. (It is important that the setting be on TV/Console/Phone impossible to do.)
  2. Let’s open a file Profiles and Parental Controls Setting for the desired mode.
  3. let’s change Profile lock Settings.
  4. Enter the password for your Netflix account.
  5. then tick PIN code required Check box to access the selected profile.
  6. After that, all you have to do is pick four numbers of your choice. In the future, we will have to enter this PIN to open the profile or to run programs downloaded from it.
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If you want the system to ask for a PIN every time a new profile is added to the account, select PIN is required to add new profiles option and click Rescue button.

It is also worth adding a PIN to the account because only us can change the account settings.

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