To protect against the coronavirus, Google will draw the user’s attention to the search engine’s homepage with animations and some important tips.

“Vaccinate yourself. Wear a mask. Saved lives. With this logo, Google published special graphics for the home page in several countries around the world on Monday. The illustration that replaces the viewfinder logo was made in the spirit of preventing Covid-19. Today it can be seen in Bulgaria, Israel, Canada, Hungary, Russia and Thailand.

The letters on the Google poster wear a mask, and once they show that they have already taken the vaccine, the letter “e” will give the vaccine to the previously unvaccinated “l” – and then everyone will be happy together.

Clicking on the special banner will reveal further steps in preventing Covid-19, with a public interest statement from Google and the World Health Organization saying that everyone should wear a mask, keep their hands clean and keep a safe distance. The text draws attention to the need for everyone to take care of the health of themselves and others: to know the facts, take appropriate precautions, and take advice from local health authorities.

In connection with the increase in the state of the epidemic, it is worth considering the data of the past week: Indicators are starting to rise in many of our neighbours. A few weeks ago, virologist Gabor Kimmenisi said: There will be a fourth wave and we have no idea what to expect back home.

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