ChatGPT technology will also move to Opera, and it will be possible to call it directly from the sidebar – in addition, it will have access to current events available on the Internet, so it will also be able to provide information in real time.

The defining topic of the past few months in the tech world is the AI-based chatbot developed by OpenAI, called ChatGPT. The tool, in addition to the fact that anyone can start a conversation directly with it, has already been integrated into many services — Microsoft has also shipped its Bing search engine, but has also integrated a chatbot into the Edge browser.

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ChatGPT now appears in another well-known browser, Opera, in the form of an AI-based sidebar called Aria. According to Opera, this will make it easier to find information on the web, generate text or code, and answer questions. The novelty is currently in the testing phase and will be presented in more than 180 countries, according to reports A Techcrunch.

Opera also highlighted that Aria is free – unlike traditional ChatGPT, which contains information until 2021 – it can provide up-to-date information, as you will be constantly learning.

Opera Aria in action.


Aria can be experienced by downloading the recently announced Opera One, which seems to be already available in Hungary. However, you need an Opera account to access it, without it it won’t work. Prior to arrival we will be put on a waiting list – if there is a change in this, so that access is granted, we will be notified of this in the browser and by email.

The new functionality is very similar to what Microsoft has built into the Edge browser: you can access Bing in the sidebar.

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