Ronald Mallet, a former University of Connecticut physicist, dreamed of time travel since childhood, and by the age of seventy-seven had figured out how to make it happen.

Time travel is one of the common themes in science fiction works. The possibility of this has already inspired many authors, and countless books and many films have been published on the subject. Physicists also have different opinions about whether time travel is possible, although according to our current knowledge it is impossible. But among them there are also those who are deeply interested in the matter.

One of them is Ronald Mallet, who previously taught at the University of Connecticut in the United States, who has been interested in the idea of ​​time travel since childhood. The physicist is now 77 years old and believes that a time machine can be built using lasers. He believes that time can be bent with the help of a rotating laser ring, making time travel possible.

like Watchman He also writes that, according to our current knowledge, the laws of physics do not allow us to go back in time. The equation is simple: events cannot happen before the cause that triggered them.

At the same time, theories such as general relativity or wormholes offer the possibility that this might not be impossible after all. However, this is only a guess and requires technological conditions that we do not currently have.

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However, according to Mallet, there is a loophole. He envisions that an artificial black hole could generate a gravitational field that creates a time loop. Thanks to this, we can even go back to the past.

In 2019, Mallet also built a prototype that produced a continuously rotating beam of light. His formula is simple: if light can create gravity, and gravity can affect time, then light can affect time.

According to Mallet, the whole thing should be imagined as if you were stirring a cup of coffee, and stirring creates a whirlpool. He believes that according to Einstein’s theory of space-time, if we rotate space, time can also rotate with it. This requires an artificial black hole, which you can create with lasers.

It would certainly be revealed if he succeeded in building such a structure in the past.

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