Enias Calliau was curious to what extent a character could be copied with the help of artificial intelligence. He tried it on his girlfriend. The result is beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Many people have already seen the fantasy in generative AI, but the weirdest – or rather, the most terrifying – development to date has only recently seen the light of day. The hero of the story is Enias Cailliau, a developer who posted his work on Twitter.

the Vice According to his report, Caillou practically cloned his girlfriend Sasha using ChatGPT. On Twitter, he also showed the source code of his work and described how the work was done.

Cailliau A.; Vice-, his girlfriend also knew what he was making, and the end result, A.J Girlfriend But he was completely affected.

The software engineer first created a large language model (LLM) using a framework called LangChain to mirror his girlfriend’s personality. Then use Google’s chatbot, Bard, to give an accurate description of the girl’s personality. The chatbot has developed itself on Sacha’s YouTube and Instagram channels.

Then use EvenLabs. It is an artificial intelligence that can be trained using voice samples to speak in the voice of a specific person. After doing this, read the written text in the person’s voice.

Finally, he added a selfie tool to his system and then connected it all with Telegram.

Cailliau encountered many similar projects, but found that they all had closed source code, so he wanted to create one based on anyone who could make a clone of his or her boyfriend or girlfriend.

The developer received mixed response on Twitter. There were those who acknowledged the clever project they put together, while others pondered how much this tool could help or hinder the grieving process after the loss of a loved one.

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