From now on, we have the option to add our Netflix profile to an existing account, so that none of our data is lost.

Netflix compensates for its old shortcoming, because from now on all users have the opportunity to easily transfer their profile under another existing account.

Thanks to this function, those who meet the very strict conditions of account sharing, that is, live under one roof if possible, can merge their accounts without losing any of their viewing history or settings.

the Engadget In its interest, Netflix highlighted: Users have been asking for this feature for a long time.

At the same time, the paper reminds us that a similar inverted option has existed for some time: If someone wants to move their profile to a new account of their own, they can do that, too. This can be a lifeline especially in the event of a move or breakup, as this way we can transfer all our data and viewing history to a new, separate account, separating it from the previous account.

As mentioned, Netflix may soon remove its cheapest package to replace the subscription tier that includes commercials – and the commercials will also be fixed, practically turning into a series.

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