Horizon Forbidden West completely refutes the claim that console games are not graphically traceable to computers.

although Horizon is forbidden westIt doesn’t have a release date yet, so anyone with a PlayStation game console will really want to try it now. The recently developed company Guerilla Games released its first gameplay video more important than the video game, which reveals several things: On the one hand, the game has been expanded with new mechanical elements from its predecessor, Horizon Zero DawnOn the other hand, it promises to be quite amazing:

The video shouldn’t fool anyone, it’s not recorded on a computer but on a PlayStation 5. So an experience like this will await the person running the software on the Japanese manufacturer’s device.

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Daniel GeeksTechnique

Sony has repeatedly expressed how much progress the PlayStation 5 is making over the previous console generation. There is now a working example: Returnal, which debuts in a few hours, is one of the first games to make use of every part of the system. With the newness of the Finnish Housemarque we have been playing for days and we can finally write about it.

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Fraudsters who send something worthless to customers rather than products ordered online seem to be in their prime.

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