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Team building on and off the field at KBSC

Team building on and off the field at KBSC

KolorCity Kazincbarcika SC will start the spring season of the tournament on Sunday.

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KolorCity goalkeeper Kazincbarcika SC started work on January 2 for the second half of the 2020/2021 season of the NB II Soccer Championship. North Borsod residents cut off a new coach, Palint Bachi, who was appointed on December 17, after the club terminated its contract with former specialist, Zoltan Vettelke, on December 1, and his assistant for the remaining matches of the fall. Season, Istvan Kriston ordered.

With good opponents

Barcika gave a wavy performance last fall as he had better and weaker results, a series of four wins, then the North Borsodians were unable to win in eight encounters. All this also means that the Fótyiks are back at 17th, surpassing Dorog by only two units (18th place) and Csákvár by three (19th place). KBSC has played three pre-games since the start of January: on January 9 at home 0-0 away with Nyíregyháza Spartacus, on Day 13 on the home side they lost 2-0 with NB I. Kisvárda while he was in the main rehearsal, on January 23, He suffered a 4–0 defeat at home of second-tier leaders, Debrecen VSC.

– We played three pre-games in which we had good and strong opponents, such as third place in NB I and third place in NB II. Balent Bache said to the North. Lower-tier teams could have been chosen, but a possible victory on a large scale would not have demonstrated our mistakes, as they had to be improved, improved upon. We learned the appropriate lessons from each encounter.

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We had to get inside

Then the head of Barcica continued:

“The preparation was short anyway.” We built the team in two parts: on and off the field. Off the field we had the opportunity to go to Varbo, a two-day team building with hiking and cooking together, and one of my teammates, Dr. Team development coach István Molnár has been handling men every day from dark to bed. To me, building the community and developing the right values ​​are very important. Team building continues on the field with the arrival of new players and the arrival of new people this week and their arrival is expected, and hopefully two more will arrive. So far, two have left, but there are still some that we will say goodbye to. We had to get to the framework, because the goal is to build the best team possible. We have ideas in the game, I think it will be around 70 percent and while it will take time, it is not, because the tournament is continuing. Meanwhile, the construction must continue, in terms of defense, attack and transfers.

Kind of thinking

We also asked the lead trainer what plans he cuts and cuts for him in the spring.

“We want to get in the middle,” said Ballint Bache. It is not my habit to look away and count in advance, the only important thing is to properly prepare for the current match and win if possible. I don’t even deal with external circumstances, like what the time is like, what the referee looks like, I am only interested in how my team plays, and what kind of performance they give. When I got to Barcika, I said in my first speech: We are a unit, a team, from leadership to technical leader to serf. Everyone thinks the same way, and I really like it.

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KBSC’s current framework

Under the fall they were: Laszlo Horvat, Norbert Chemeridi (goalkeeper). Adrian Magzek, Zoltan David, Sergio Oltien, Dominic Fotick, Andras Varcas, Walter Hill, Roland Miklo (defenders). Giorgi Touma, Tamas Nemeth, Laszlo Tooth, Borish Toth, Raul Krause, Tibor Seif, Ballint Burbelly (midfielders). Kovac Alan, Clement Marco, Leonardo Mitroshak (forwards).

Access: Christoph Corbeli (DVTK – on loan), Matte Kovac (MTK – on loan), Christoph Toth Gabor (Budapest Honved – on loan), Richard Ksush (Debreceni VSC, most recently Paksi FC – on loan).

Departures: Daniel Perichki (?), Dominic Isaac (?).

(Pictured: Bálint Pacsi will drive KBSC to Middle Field)

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