Team Asobi is working on a game with big goals

Asobe team, a PlayStation 5installed by default Astro game room The developers of Astro Bot: Rescue Mission for PlayStation VR are certainly making something new already.

a Sony Studio Interactive Entertainment (which essentially acquired SIE Japan Studio, although many popular Japanese developers left before it was discontinued), has released the new release website, confirming that the most ambitious game to date is in development, beneficially for the PlayStation 5, because none of them seem likely to appear on PC (though SIE has acquired Nixxes, which specializes in PC ports).

The Asobi Team Presents Itself (About Us) the side We can read that this is a new and dynamic PlayStation studio based in Tokyo, the vibrant capital of Japan. They develop high-quality games for all ages at PlayStation. They also mentioned their two games: Astro Bot: Rescue Mission won major awards on PlayStation VR, just as Astro’s Playroom, one of the inaugural titles on PlayStation 5, won team accolades. In the end, they wrote that compared to these, an aspiration is being made for them as well. They currently have thirteen positions open in in the studio Related to sounds, art, game design, gameplay and engine programming.

A couple of months ago, when SIE officially introduced Team Asobi, we wrote about it: “Team Asobi is headquartered in Tokyo and the team is mostly Japanese developers, but there are also from the UK, Germany, France, South Korea, Spain and Colombia. It’s from individuals. That’s why it’s important It’s for them to create world-class games, but they’re all there for Japanese culture, video player heritage, seasons, and many (sometimes crazy) inventions are their favorites as well as the food there. Magical and wonderful.Then Dusit touched the DualSense controller with words of praise, with which they conducted some kind of experiment, even called a secret.

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They like many genres, so the style of platforms was not left out of the favorites either. The past year and a half has been difficult for everyone around the world and they hope that video games will ease the situation.”

We’ll see what they bring together.

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