Taylor Swift Tried It: September Cover

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor….You really shouldn’t have.

You’ve outdone yourself sis in the worst way.

We all know Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” as the funky, summer BBQ song that made our grandfathers and uncles jam and our aunts boogie in the driveway as they sang along. “Ba de ya, say do remember…Ba de ya dancing in September.”

This was for sure on the family reunion playlist, the wedding reception playlist, and Uncle June’s birthday party too.

Miss Swift decided to make a country cover.

As much as we would love to scream “appropriation” There’s no rule saying that she can’t do that. Actually, it’s been done before.

The problem is, she jacked the song up.

“September” went from a funky, uplifting, summer jam to a sad gloomy, low pitched country song. I know Taylor has some black friends somewhere who could have told her no. You don’t mess up classics. You don’t disrespect legends. You just don’t. Take her guitar away.

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