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Taylor Swift incognito – but who do you want to avoid?

Taylor Swift incognito – but who do you want to avoid?

Here’s Kylie Jenner And Timothée Chalamet’s First Kiss On Camera — Travis Scott Was In The Audience, Too

I wonder what the former makeup lover would have said to the couple, who didn’t hold back one bit?

The waves of the night brought some drama to the celebrity world when Kylie Jenner He made his relationship public during Beyoncé’s concert Timothée Chalamet-with. Meanwhile, a rapper Travis Scott He was also present at the event.

As we wrote yesterday, the duo made their first public appearance together and enjoyed Beyoncé’s concert intimately.

But during the evening, a video emerged of the lovers kissing, embracing and kissing each other’s hands. But that’s not all, as it turns out that Kylie’s ex, Travis Scott, was also in attendance at the Queen of Pop concert when the events took place.

A Twitter user shared a video of Travis Scott arriving for the third night of the Queen Bey concert in Inglewood, California.

@editss.and.stufff The way I kiss her hand….ok kinda cute I’m sorry. #Timothechalamet#Timothy Chalamet edited#Kylie Jenner#kyliejenneredit#timothyandkayle#Kylie and Timothy#Beyonce#beyonceconcert#for you#fyp#foryoupage ♬ In the dark – ❤️‍🩹

at the same time, Sand dunes star f Kardashians The former member enthusiastically accepts the star-studded VIP section. Kylie, 26, and Shalamit, 27, the Kardashian sisters. Kim kardashian And Kendall Jenner Watch the show up close.

However, it remains a mystery whether Travis Scott is also in the same VIP section or sat elsewhere on the field.

He is 5 years old stormy and 1 year Erie Like her father, their relationship continues to attract interest. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott started dating in 2017, and although they had their off and on, they officially broke up in January 2023. However, even after months of separation, Scott showed interest in Kylie, which was also evident on social media.

On the rapper’s latest album, It “The virtuous city”It features a song alluding to a relationship between Kylie and Chalamet.

Scott A “melting” mentioned in the issue “chocolate” and the Willy Wonka FactoryHe then refers to his former love in the song’s lyrics.

The evening also held more surprises, as he stood out from the crowd Jaden Smith also. The young actor and Kylie dated sometime in 2013 when they were still teenagers. Although their relationship ended quickly, past romances didn’t stop Chalamet and Kylie from getting closer.

source: Page six

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