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Tamas Vastag: My father said that not becoming a scientist was a crime against humanity

Tamas Vastag: My father said that not becoming a scientist was a crime against humanity

He tries to raise his children in a different spirit.

Tamas Fast the Three facts Among other things, he spoke as a guest X factorAs he said about his experiences in the talent show that he participated in with his brother when he was 17 years old, With Kasaba FastagIt was a big gig, because before that he didn't really want to be a singer.

My father told me that in order to decide what I will become when I grow up, I must study mathematics, because it is the foundation of everything. Well, until today I couldn't decide what to become

– The singer, who also shared the interest of the presenters, said that he loves mathematics anyway: he considers it a universal language, which he believes teaches people to think logically.

His relationship with his father was also brought up later, when Tamás Vastag talked about how he tried to raise his children differently from the way his parents did at the time.

My parents didn't like us becoming musicians. My father is a scientist, has international publications, and is a professor of chemistry. He always said that with a mind like the one God gave me, not carrying on the family legacy and becoming a scientist was a crime against humanity. He didn't like that I was a musician

– He said, then continued: He hates one thing more than anything else, which is football, but his life's dream is to become a football player.

At first I said: “No, you will be a doctor or a lawyer too!” I narrated my father's monologue face to face, because he is a very smart little boy. Then I thought carefully and said: Don't live with the heaviness and anxiety that I live with. I told him: “If you become a footballer, I will be proud of you,” and who knows, maybe it will make me fall in love with football.

The whole conversation is A Balikik world On YouTube channel can listen to it.

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