Schanda Tamás: mindenki tehet a magyar gazdaság sikere érdekében

Tamas Shanda: Everyone can do it for the success of the Hungarian economy

Tamas Shanda said in the video he posted on Facebook, that the Coronavirus epidemic has caused a lot of difficulties for everyone, but it has hit some sectors more difficult.

The government has helped and will continue to help relaunch the economy, retain jobs, and create new jobs, through a series of measures. Thanks to these measures, the foreign minister said, it could already receive more than 1.7 million government support.

At the same time, he stressed, anyone could do something to improve the situation of the Hungarian economy, thus making the livelihoods of more families safer.

Tamas Chanda emphasized that Hungarian companies are getting help by purchasing Hungarian products, making use of the services of local small entrepreneurs and visiting producer markets. He added: Who can order food from a nearby restaurant because it helps its workers.

The foreign minister also indicated that if the barcode for the products started with the number 599, the buyer would help the Hungarian company with its purchase.

“It’s just a little bit of interest, but what just a few moments for us means a source of livelihood for the other,” said Tamas Shanda.

NetokeB: Pixabay

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